About us

Western style home consists of 10 bedrooms down stair which can be shared by 4 persons in each room and 3 bedrooms upstairs which can used as single room, and 3 separate bedrooms with sharing bath/toilet with the capacity to hold up to 30 people comfortably at once. The house has six showers and six toilets, a lounge and dining area as well as a fully equipped kitchen. A big garden area is available outside, water in the hostel is always available and the bathrooms are fitted with hot water. We have a Wi-Fi hotspot to use with your own personal laptops/tablets/ipads.

The Dining Room

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The Lounge

This place has great view from the gardens outside and allow you to enjoy your time reading newspaper/magazine, books and browsing internet or just chilling,lounge, relax and waiting meals or just drinking cup of tea/coffee as well soda/water and watching TV’s and shinning your day or night with us.

The Kitchen

The house will have an open kitchen. It is possible for guests to view the workings of the kitchen almost at all times. We will have in house cooks who will become your African mamas! So guests can look forward to enjoying a variety of African style cuisines as well as a selection of western style meals prepared for them by the staff at our hostel. We can cater for most dietary preferences during your stay in the house with your guidance.

The Bedrooms

There are ten bedrooms in the hostel, with the capacity to hold 28 persons comfortably. We also have 3 rooms upstairs for those preferred single rooms. Guest can expect to share their bedroom and bathroom with other guest. Mosquito nets, in built cupboards and bedding are provided. On some occasions or visitor will have a room to themselves.

The Garden/Courtyard

There is a big garden/courtyard area outside the house that provides an ideal place to chill and hang out with your friends/family.

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Surrounded by gardens and flowers the courtyard is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the afternoon Tanzanian sunshine.

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